We would like to inform that the STEP project is finalized this year in the end of June.

The project consortium hopes that performed work and obtained results will contribute to the South Baltic Region sustainability in general and to water management in particular.

All participants are very grateful to project‘s stakeholders and other interested parties for collaboration and support of project‘s ideas and active participation in the local and international events organised during the project under the COVID-19 conditions.

STEP project‘s members are open for further discussion and are ready to respond for any questions and/or recommendations regarding wastewater and sludge rational use and utilization without harmful impact to environmental and human being.

You can find the essential project results at STEP project website downloads.

The main project results as deliverables are here (please, press link).

The project‘s consortium final products are the WHITEBOOK (please, press here) and Video (please, press here).

Post photo from Unsplash (Joshna Hoehne).

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