Lead partner West Pomeranian University of Technology

The West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin is a university linking the long-term tradition of the University of Agriculture in Szczecin and Szczecin University of Technology. There are ten faculties at WPUT specializing in 47 fields of study.
Faculty of Electrical Engineering of West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin. It was established in 1946 as one of the first three faculties of Szczecin Engineering School.
Apart from educational activities, the Faculty actively cooperates with the industry and technology transfer centres. The aim of the cooperation is to make the Faculty competitive on the education and labour markets and sustaining active scientific cooperation with companies. This cooperation gives the Faculty access to the most innovative industrial applications and provides an opportunity to make classes attractive. It also gives the Faculty partners a chance to present their standards to students. Another aspect of cooperation is scientific research. For years the Faculty has collaborated with industrial sectors preparing expert’s reports, conducting mutual research, making measurements and applying for funds within UE Framework Programmes, Operational Programmes and ERANET. As the first faculty of WPUT, we established the Industry-Programme Council.

Title West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin
Marcin Holub
Address Electrical Engineering Faculty
West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin
ul. Sikorskiego 37
70-313 Szczecin
Phone +………..
Fax +………..
Contact Marcin Holub
dr hab. inż. , assistant professor

2. Partner – Bornholms Energy & Supply

Information under construction…

Title Bornholms Energy & Supply
Address Skansevej 2 · 3700 Rønne
Phone +45 5690 0000
Contact Torben Jørgensen


3. Partner – Klaipeda University

Klaipeda University was established in 1991 and nowadays has over 100 study programmes in all three cycles, providing research and technological innovations-based contemporary knowledge which ensures advanced university education and high professional skills and develops an intelligent, responsible, and creative personality.
Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences. Department of Natural Sciences.
The main Faculty activities related to education and research. Research are done in the field of sustainable development of maritime industries, where research in shipping and port security and in logistics optimization are well represented. The reduction of the environemental pollution as well as technological solutions for the maritime transport energy effectiveness are fulfilled. The research in the energy-efficient equipment and its systems, their development and improvement are important part of the investigation. The assessment of engineering technologies impact to environment and natural resources resilience and management are investigated as well. Mathematical simulation of the „case studies“and innovative decisions making are developed.

Title Klaipeda University
Address Klaipeda University,
Herkaus Manto g. 84,
92294, Klaipeda, Lithaunia
Phone +370 616 15335
Fax +…………..
Contact Olga Anne


4. Partner – The municipality of Höör /Mittskåne Water

Mittskåne Water is an organization that manages the water and sewage plants in Höör and Hörby municipalities. Mittskåne Water has its head office in Höörs municipality but manages and maintains facilities and pipelines in both municipalities. A total of about 30 people work within the organization.
The municipalities are in the middle of the Skåne region and have about 30,000 inhabitants together. The municipalities want to reduce their impact on the environment and want to work to end the cycle. An improved sludge quality is a way to contribute to this.

Title The municipality of Höör /Mittskåne Water
Address Mittskåne Vatten
Höörs Kommun
243 21 HÖÖR
Phone + 413-286 02
Contact Maria Persson


5. Partner – Goleniowskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja

„Goleniowskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja Sp. z o.o.” in Goleniów, Poland is active in the field of municipal water provision and waste water collection on the territory of Goleniów municipality (30.000 inhabitants). The overall value of infrastructure used is estimated at 20 Mln Eur. The company actively invests in the water infrastructure from own and external resources including european programmes. The compamny employs around 70 employees and within its structures has a organization unit responsible for investments and projects. GWiK in last years has done investments co-financed from EU structural funds, including the construction of new and modernization of existing sewage treatment plants. As part of projects co-financed from EU structural funds GWiK was built over 50 km of network and modernized sewage treatment plant in Goleniów, inter alia in the processing of sewage sludge.”

Title Goleniowskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja Sp. z o.o.
Address ul. I Brygady Legionów 18 a
72-100 Goleniów
Phone 503 197 780;
091 881-23-28 wew. 25,
Fax 881-23-35
Contact Darek Kozak

Lead Partner

West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

Electrical Engineering Faculty
West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

Address: ul. Sikorskiego 37 
70-313 Szczecin

Phone: +487 (258) 60 950
Contact: Marcin Holub, dr hab. inż. , assistant professor


Lead partner: +487 (258) 60 950
Partner 2: +455 (690) 0000
Partner 3: +370 (616) 15335
Partner 4: ...
Partner 5: +503 197 780

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